Policies & Student Expectations

Behaviour and Conduct

All students are expected to act in accordance with the rules and regulations common to district procedure and policy. Discipline issues will be dealt with according to Abbotsford School District policies.

Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in a fashion that is appropriate for school. 

The following items may not be worn:

  • attire that promotes the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, inappropriate language, racism, sexism, violence, promiscuity, or identifies the student with groups or gangs whose purpose is to intimidate of harass.
  • attire that is offensive or distracting because it is too extreme in style or too revealing

Break Time

Students are expected to remain on the school campus at all times.


Teachers will endeavour to provide a stimulating learning environment. Students who disrupt the learning process may be dealt with firmly under the following guidelines:

  • First offence: Warning 
  • Second offence: One day suspension/Expulsion
  • Third offence: Expulsion

Incidences involving illegal substances or confrontational behaviour will warrant an automatic expulsion from the summer school program and no refund for international students. 


Students are expected to attend each day. If absent more than once, your spot may be offered to a student on the waiting list. Students who miss more than one class may be withdrawn without receiving credit for the course. Parents must contact the summer school office if a student will be missing a class for medical reasons. Any student who is returning after an absence must provide a valid note to the Vice Principal or Principal prior to returning to class. 


Scheduled course times are not optional. Courses are scheduled to serve the greatest number of students possible; courses and times will be posted on the front windows of the Academic Summer Secondary School during the week (1 - 3 days) prior to school start and on Summer School website.


Students are expected to be on time to all classes, including following regularly scheduled breaks. Students late to class twice will be credited with one absence in accordance with the attendance policy. 

Classwork and Homework

Students are expected to complete all assigned work on time and will be held accountable for all assignments.


Report Cards will be available in MyEd at the end of July. Interim reports will be issued after 2 weeks in the summer school program. Students will receive a final report card grade with percent and letter grade. 

Course Cancellation

There is no guarantee that all courses will run. Courses will only run if enough students enroll. Check the Summer School Website 1 - 3 days prior to school start to make sure your requested course is running. If a course is cancelled, a full refund will be issued for international students. Be sure to list at least one alternative so you have an option if your first choice doesn't run.


A completed registration form does not automatically guarantee enrollment in the Academic Summer School program. Registration will be determined by teacher availability, the number of students enrolled in the program, and the school counsellor's recommendation.

Seat Registration Deposit & Payment Information

Courses are free of charge for BC Students. Payment in full will be required prior to start of classes for international students.


If a course does not run, International students who have paid for the course will receive a full refund, which will be mailed within 3-4 weeks. 


  1. Academic Completion: Students will receive a final report card with a percent and letter grade. Interim reports will be issued two weeks into the course.  
  2. Final assessments will be determined by each individual teacher.