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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register my child for summer school?

A: Your child needs to be referred for summer school by your child's teacher. You can speak to your child's teacher about your child's eligibility.


Q: Is there a deposit to attend Enhancement Summer School?

A: No.  A deposit will not be collected to attend ESS.  However, it is expected that your child will be available for the entire 3-week, 12-day program.


Q: My sister wants her child to attend Summer School but she did not receive a School Referral Letter. What should she do?

A: Enhancement Summer School is for referred Abbotsford students only. Her child may not meet the criteria for summer school placement. She should speak to her child’s teacher before April 17 if she has any questions.


Q: We will be away on vacation for the first week of Summer School. Can my child still register?

A: No, If you know your child will be missing any days, please do not register your child this year. Other children are awaiting space. During the first week, empty spaces will immediately be re- assigned to other students who are on the waitlist and able to attend full time.


Q: Do students bring a snack to summer school?

A: Yes, all students should bring a recess snack.


Q: My child is on the wait list. How will I know if he/she has a spot?

A: You will receive a phone call during the month of June if a space opens up and your child can be registered.  If, by the first day of summer school your child has not been registered, and you still wish him/her to attend, you can arrive at the school 1 hour after start time (8:30). At that time, registered students who have not shown up for school will have their spots re assigned to wait list students who are in attendance.  Please note, we cannot guarantee a spot for every wait list student who comes the first day. Availability will depend solely on the attendance of previously registered students.