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Frequently Asked Questions


1.  I am an adult and do not have access to a Counsellor to complete the Counsellor Referal Form.  Do I still need a Counsellor Referal Form?

Answer:  Summer School will no longer be accepting adult students.  All adult students will need to contact Abbotsford Virtual School or Bakerview Center for Learning if they wish to take any courses.  



2. I do not live in Abbotsford and would like to attend summer school but cannot get to one of the Registration nights.  Can I still register?

Answer: YES.

You can make arrangements to have a friend or family member register for you in person.  Please ensure that you have completed your Counsellor Referral form correctly. When your family member or friend attends one of the registration nights they will need to bring your Counsellor Referral form and make the payment for you.


3.  How many courses can I register in?

Answer:  One.   (but you can choose an alternate if the class you want is not available)


4. When will report cards be available?

Answer:  Report Cards will be available for pick up at the end of the course.  Please see link above for Report Card information.