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Registration for Summer School 2017





If you are still trying to register please come the first day, July 4th, 8am.  Most classes are now full; however, if we have room we will do our best to enroll.   Be sure you have all items in the registration process below fully complete.  You must bring a copy of your most recent report card.




For a copy of the 2017 Summer School Brochure.  Click Here.


Summer School 2017 will be held from July 4th to July 31st at WJ Mouat Secondary School located at:  

32355 Mouat Dr, Abbotsford, BC

Detailed Exam Schedule information will be posted in June


Remember class lists will be posted on the doors of WJ Mouat following Registration at the end of June



Registration Process  -- 3 STEPS –

  1. Complete the Counsellor Referral Form

  2. Complete the online data survey

  3. Register in person with tuition




Registration Process Details:


1. Fully and accurately complete the Counsellor Referral Form.  Your Counsellor MUST sign this form in order for you to be considered.  See bottom of page to Download Referral Form.  Also available from your Counsellor.  (Click Here)

This form requires:

  • You to identify yourself as "Existing Enrolled Student",  "ADULT", or "INTERNATIONAL"

  • Your 9 digit "PEN" number.  This IS NOT your Student Number.  It can be found on your report card or ask your counsellor. IF THIS IS WRONG You will NOT be Registered.  (Adults, International, or out of province students this will be assigned)

  • Your Student Number.  Again this IS NOT your PEN Number  Ask your counsellor.

  • Your complete LEGAL first and last name.

  • Your gender and date of birth

  • Your address and contact information

  • Your Course Selection.  First and Second Choice.  

    • If you only want one choice provide only one choice.  However, if you have a preference of one but will take another if that course fills up please let us know by filling in both first and second choice.

  • Your current grade.  this is the one you are in right now. NOT next year.

  • Your year of graduation.  This is what year you will be graduating.

  • Your current mark in a respective course.  This is your mark you have now in the course you are wanting take in Summer School, or the mark in the prerequisite of the course you want to take in Summer School.

  • Your Counsellors section completely filled out by your counsellor including recommendation YES or NO and signature.  

  • Attach your most recent Report Card and bring the form with you on the Registration Night.

  • If this is not complete you will not be allowed to register.

The Counsellor Referral Form can be downloaded at bottom of page.  And is also available in your counsellors office.


2. Student online information survey.  CLICK HERE  to access the Survey

Please go here and complete the online summer school student data survey.  

This survey must be accurate and complete prior to arriving on the Registration night.



Be sure steps 1 and 2 are complete and that you arrive prepared with your documentation in hand.

Be patient and we will process all applications as quickly as we can.

Summer School Registration will take place at To Be Announced

  • Tuesday May 23 and Thursday May 25th

  • Tuesday May 30 and Thursday June 1st.

  • Tuesday June 6 and Friday June 9th.

TWO Additional Registration Nights have been added:

June 22 AND 27th are the LAST DAYs to Register !!!

4:00pm to 6:30pm at WJM Library.


At these times student information will be confirmed and your deposit / tuition payment made. 

ONLY those students who attend the registration night are registered. 


Remember students will need to have:

  • valid ID,

  • Counsellor Referral form,

  • a most recent Report Card,

  • and Payment.  

Missing documents will require you to register on a later night.


Deposit / Tuition amounts are as follows:

  • No Fee for existing student 18 years of age or younger as of July 1st, 2017. 

A Summer School Registration Agreement will need to be signed by the student and parent at time of registration to complete the registration process.  This agreement confirms your dedication to attend summer school per the course selected and timings of Summer School 2017.  

  • $550 for adult student (19 years of age or older as of July 1st), Non-Refundable

  • $1100 for International student, Non-Refundable

If a course does not run, International students and Adult students (19 years of age and older) who have paid for their course will receive a full refund, which will be mailed to the address provided at time of registration.


Course Cancellation: 

There is no guarantee that all courses will run. Courses will only run if enough students enroll. Class lists will be posted on the front windows of the Academic Summer Secondary School two days before school starts.  Please check here for confirmation of class lists and that your course is running. If a course is cancelled, a full refund will be issued.

A notice will also be posted on this website.


Please note:

  • Students who are not present on the first day of classes may have their seat in a course reassigned to a student on the wait list.

  • Students need to ensure they meet course/program pre-requisites.

  • If you are an adult student wishing to take a summer courses, fees will apply or contact Abbotsford Virtual School for further options.

  • Continuing Education classes will resume again in the fall at the Bakerview Learning Centre.